$35,000.00 Core Grant Donated to Rotary Water for Life Foundation.

The partnership between RPWFL is over a decade now and it has always been stronger not in terms of dollars only but also building lasting relations

Credit is due to NGOs and their stakeholders who work harder than the dollars that we invest.

We may or may not be correct but giving has multiplier and replicator effects, we have seen individuals, families and corporate growing in many fold especially those that give back to communities and steers them away from pain and suffering.

Like the seniors and prophets say that our reasons on this earth is to make difference to others lives as well as preserve planet and partnerships.

We may not be able to address all issues over night but if many come together, nothing is impossible.

We have witnessed the work of RPWFL and we personally went to water commissioning, there is no joy and happiness on this earth till we see the smiles of people who have struggled their entire life for drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.

We are fortunate that we could enter into such partnership.

As for Foundation, we have invested in Grant’s but have witnessed benefits of more than 10 folds when it came to real Difference. Its needless to say that it could be even more. Because emotions and subjective outcomes are hard to measure.

At this juncture, we would like to acknowledge the hard and smart efforts put forward by RPWFL life chairman its board its staff and not forgetting that every stakeholders who harness the beautiful programs run by RPWL.

Words are not enough to Express how thankful we are to our stakeholders who make this possible. We guess that everyone may be witnessing their share of blessings for being in touch with such charities.

With these words a big Vinaka vakalevu to all present here and happy pledging for the great cause ahead of us.

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