Have you ever thought of working for yourself? Well, we all have that aspiration at some point in our life. But the catch is in converting that aspiration into reality. How do you do that? It takes some thinking, hard work, passion, and persistence.

To start off, think what you are passionate about, what are your core competencies/skills, what resources do you have at your disposal immediately, and who are the people that can help you. Then refine your business idea, do research, talk to people, and put pen to paper – do a plan.

What you are about to do is starting a microenterprise. Microenterprise could by anything from a vegetable sales business to carpentry, repairing services, grass-cutting, tailoring, etc.

You can seek advice and assistance from micro-finance organisations too. Most banks in Fiji have micro-lending facilities. Apart from the mainstream banks, there are micro-finance institutions like the Fiji Council of Social Services Micro Finance Unit and South Pacific Business Development. Some charity organisations like the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation can be of assistance too.

One key to sustaining your micro enterprise is proper planning, financial management, and innovation in whatever you do.

Here are some links that will help you:

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