Home gardening is good for health

Our tropical weather is just ideal for gardening. And being a country that has had its traditional economic base in agriculture, we should use this potency to our personal advantage.

Home gardening is good for health. Multiple case studies and research has proven that to improve physical health, regular involvement in gardening or community food growing projects, can:

  • Increase overall levels of physical activity and fitness, burn more calories and hence contribute to healthy weight management and reducing the risk of obesity.
  • Increase healthy fruit and vegetable consumption, for adults that grow food, and among schoolchildren participating in food-growing activities at school – as well as improving young people’s attitudes to healthy eating.
  • Reduce physical pain, and help with rehabilitation or recovery from surgery or other medical interventions.
  • Help people cope with physically challenging circumstances, such as intensive cancer treatment or learning how to live with chronic conditions such as asthma or severe allergies.

How to Start a Home Garden

  1. Look for a good area in your compound that has good access to the sunshine. Dig up the soil and rise in into a garden.
  2. You don’t need too much space. If space is limited, use containers. Fill them up with soil or compost. Compost is now available in most towns, even in small shops and supermarkets.
  3. It’s important to know how you are going to water your garden.
  4. Prepare your garden well, put mix manure or compost in the soil.
  5. Plant your garden. Seeds are available at shops like MH. You can also ask friends and neighbours for seedling they would have grown.
  6. After planting, you need to take care of your planting. Normally your garden will need to be watered every second day.

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