How can we raise awareness on the issue of domestic violence

It is important to speak out about domestic violence. Speaking out dispels myths and provides the public and the media with the facts about domestic violence.

Domestic violence too often goes unnoticed; a silent crime. Having the public be aware of problems in their communities, state, nation, and the world is important to gaining support, followers, and actually getting public policies changed.

The act of raising awareness about domestic violence can potentially help adults and children who are victims of domestic violence by letting them know there are ways to get help and stop the abuse. Raising awareness about the issue may involve educating young children on domestic violence, participating in or joining local and national organizations that campaign against domestic violence, or even wearing clothing that expresses the dangers of domestic violence.

Secondly, educate people on the importance to report the violence and to entertain the violence. We can have organizations going around the community to educate women and children on the issues and how to be protected and deal with Domestic violence issues. Also giving out tips in the community as to what steps to follow when being a victim of violence or seeing a neighbor going through violence. Having the police and emergency numbers on hand always and educating the small children to inform about the violence in the house or community for a long time.

Source Wikihow Janas campaign

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