Labasa Youth Engage in Multiple Activities

WoD candidate Peni Tabua inspires youths through charity partner Rotary Club of Labasa and Sinucodo Brotherhood Club to bring about real difference in their lives. The Sinucodo Brotherhood Club helps unemployed youths in Labasa find some form of employment, generate sustainable income through use of their unique talents and skills, and change the mind-set of young people through the “RYHTE (Resources, Youth, Health, Time and Environment) model.

The club has instituted multiple initiatives under the RYHTE model to engage youths and guide them towards sustainable lives.
The ‘Youths for Hire’ initiative is a volunteer service where youths get hired for cleaning homes and backyards to repairing and maintenance jobs in exchange for any resources that would help them sustain themselves.

The Manpower for Hire Agency programme employs youths with work skills to do contract jobs for individuals and organisations. They divide the money received equally among them.

The Sinucodo Urban Watches Project is similar to a security company, but more like a watchmen outfit that consists of a collective group of physically fit young men who are trained to work in this field. Some of their projects are voluntary while some commercial.

An ‘Ongoing utilisation of resources’ programme ensures that youth engage in sustainable farming practices and the “Women in Need Fiji (WIN) project provides support to young women in areas of family health and social well-being.

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