mFitness reaches communities

World of Difference candidate and mFitness Coordinator Jekesoni Yanuyanudrua (Jack) has moved up from 75kg to 95kg as a body builder. The transformation is a result of capacity building focus of the WoD programme.

19-year-old Jack became Fiji’s youngest Mr. Fiji and represented at Pacific Games in PNG this year. While he was ousted at the PNG Games, Jack continues his quest to build his physique and get ready for the next challenge.

However, Jack’s capacity building is not limited to body building only. His WoD candidature involves promoting healthy living and influencing personal change.

In the past months, Jack has successfully shared his story at various forums, symposiums, and community meeting. A person who got himself out of social problems at an early age, Jack’s story has inspired many youngsters in the communities he has addressed.

“One of the toughest tasks is to motivate people, particularly when you are dealing with lifestyle changes,” says Jack.

“Finding motivation to work out and eat healthy is not easy. But I hope to influence as many people as I can through my personal story and highlighting the prevalence of noncommunicable diseases in Fiji.”

Jack has been involved in a number of activities as the coordinator of mFitness. These include:
• Management of mFitness social media and mChannels
• Mooting of ‘changing lives for better project’
• Presentations at Professional associations for embedment of Health and Fitness at workplace policy
• mFitness pose down at the carnivals to inspire youths
• Development and sharing of nutritional and training plans
• mDstress and mFitness school symposium
• mFitness training of trainers
• Gym motivation and training of physical fitness and body building candidates
• Collation of mFitness knowledge and information for mHealth and mFitness portal
• mFitness photo shoots and videos
• Fitness guidance to over 15,000 individuals
• Income Generation projects for problem youth sustainability
• Sharing of inspiration stories with potential suicide victims – working with Life Line Fiji and Fitness Centres
• Sharing of fitness and body building plans with potential physique models and body builders
• Development of ‘Physical Fitness project’ for proactive approach to curbing non-communicable disease
• Holistic NCD plan for aging members and mobilisation of senior instructors for preretirement health and fitness plans
• Establishment of income generation projects to sustain Fitness Inspiration Fiji

“The goal of physical fitness is to improve the quality of life for the members of our community, and to enhance readiness through the promotion and supporting of healthy lifestyles,” says Jack.

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