Naduri Villagers Benefit From Tokalauvere’s Micro-Enterprise

Tucked away on the coast of the Macuata Province, the village of Naduri is slowly benefitting from the efforts of a World of Difference Candidate who is working selflessly to enable youths and women in the village make a living from scratch.

Tevita Tokalauvere is taking the lead role in ensuring that youths in this village are kept preoccupied with income generating projects that would benefit them and their families.

Supported by the Foundation, Mr. Tokalauvere began his own entrepreneurship entity known as the Kawai Kamica Creations, named after the province’s staple root crop for which it is known throughout Fiji.

Mr. Tokalauvere has engaged over 50 youths and single mothers in the village to be part of the project and to assist them create and come up with their own income generating ideas.

KK creations is a project aimed at exploiting the clothing textile industry to market clothing bearing the province’s traditional emblems and slogans infusing traditional designs as a way of appealing to its customer base who reside as far as the United Kingdom and the Unites States of America.
Mr. Tokalauvere said that once the project rolled out he would also focus on involving youth groups in the project to come up with their own designs that could fuel the brand name of KK Creations.

Plans are also underway for the group to also target and address social pressing problems like rape, suicide, NCD and other issues through KK Creation’s clothing line.

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