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Ministry of Youth & Sports:

The Ministry is responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes targeted at empowering youths to create a better future. The Ministry is also responsible for the promotion and development of sports and its infrastructure throughout Fiji, all within the framework of the Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio- Economic Development 2010-2014, policies and priorities.

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National Employment Centre

The National Employment Centre operates under the National Employment Centre Decree 2009. This National institution is responsible for providing skills training and finding Employment Opportunities for the unemployed as a “One Stop” Shop. It is guided by the National Employment Centre Board NECB which provides oversight functions for decision undertaken by the centre.

The NEC is part of Government’s response to address the Millennium Development Goals, Goal 1 – eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, and the 2009 ILO Global Jobs pact to address to the jobless growth of economies after the Global Financial and Economic Crises. The NEC offers four main services:

  • Formal Employment Service
  • Foreign Employment Service
  • Self-Employment Service
  • Fiji Volunteer Service

An unemployed person who registers under the NEC undertake professional counseling, aptitude assessment, life skills training and are trained in the relevant Employment skills demanded by the market.

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