Rape: What legal options are available?

There are a lot of legal options available. You can always contact your personal or family lawyer if none than can always contact legal aid by the help of the police. Rape is a serious offense, therefore, a person has to be punished. The lawyer will provide you with information about your legal rights and options. Then they will accompany you to file a police report and/or meet with law enforcement. Help you communicate with the police and also help you file for Crime Victims Compensation. They will also assist you in filing a petition for a protective order against the person who harmed you. Get restraining orders against the perpetrator till all court hearings. Provide you with referrals and support for other services, legal options, and attorneys who can assist with Title IX complaints, visitation and custody disputes, immigration, and all types of rights. Nowadays sometimes, the perpetrators are one of the family members or one of the relatives and in those cases, it’s always important to report to the police and get legal actions.

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