Sextortion a growing concern

mSafe advisory met today to share stories on what is happening online in Fiji re: cyber crime and the types of issues reported everyday.

According to Cyber Crime Unit Fiji, total of some 20 reports are made where someone nude pictures and videos are circulated on line including creation of fake profiles and attacking individuals to either take revenge, bring disrepute or make derogatory statement with an aim to tarnish someone’s character or defame someone who were ones close and now not together anymore. Multiple reports are received where some $1m is paid out to black mailers who have recorded sex or nude videos at the comfort of their palm and their rooms.

Do not communicate over video cam because we may not know that it is recorded.

Consequently, because we want to hide what has happened, we end up taking personal loans to pay or suffice for the abrupt and momentary activities which is unacceptable and is happening online.

Its important that we think before we do this before it gets viral and because of shame we either get depressed or end up doing something that may harm our lives.

Be on the lookout that fone do listen and may be recording our bath or undress videos and later can be used to blackmail us or defame us.

There are many that remain unreported. According to Cyber Team.

It may be happening to our children so its important that we study some of the indicators that may lead to such behaviours.

E.g hiding and chatting, doing video chats at the comfort of our room which is unwarranted, hiding tones and fighting over trivial messages on all video chat potential apps.

There are also angle cam, etc etc that has the potential to disgrace people who may be professional and are unaware that these could be used to black mail

Read more about sextortion and financial sextortion.

In general terms, sextortion is extortion involving material of a sexual nature, but it can take various forms. This crime is a growing concern in many parts of the globe and affects a broad range of targets, including males, females, minors, and adults. Aside from the psychological and sometimes physical damage it imparts, a major problem with this crime is that many cases go unreported because victims are too embarrassed.

With the popularity of social media, messaging apps, and online dating, the exchange of explicit material online is far more commonplace. Plus, webcams make it very simple for people to record themselves (or be secretly recorded). With the prevalence of sextortion crimes, it’s important that everyone is aware of what to look out for.

Follow this link to learn what sextortion is, and how it takes place, including describing some real-life examples. This article also provides tips to help you avoid becoming the next victim of sextortion.

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