Social Media and Parental Control- Mr Shailendra Prasad

Vodafone Fiji  PTE Limited Head of e-Commerce and Corporate Affairs Shailendra Prasad is calling on to parents to supervise the use of smart gadgets for their children. Kids will act as kids and throw their tantrums but it is important for parents to  know what is best for their children and ensure discipline is instilled in their children from an early age. Mr. Prasad said that discipline does not necessarily mean parents are controlling everything. However, it grooms them to be good citizens in the future . He said there was an increase of cyber bullying, sextortion as Fijians spends more time on social media. “Discipline makes our children who they are and puts them in good stead for the future. Therefore, it was imperative that parents spend quality time with their children. The good old parenting of love and care still holds relevance in the smart age “ prasad said, Raise your children and do not let social media raise your children. Do not use an easy way out to ignore your parental responsibility by giving your kids gadgets to quieten them or make them feel at ease when they throw their tantrums or impose their demand on you,” He said.

Featured from left Mr Shailendra Prasad,Dr Tukana & the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation Chair Mr Lionel Yee. 

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