Tagane Support Domain Targets Zero Tolerance

The youths of Sinucodo in Labasa are determined to make a difference and achieve zero tolerance of violence against women and children.
They are part of a new programme ‘Tagane Support Domain’ aimed at helping men become better husbands, sons, brothers and protectors of women in society.

Coordinator and Vodafone World of Difference candidate Peni Tabua said the group was set up so that they could encourage their counterparts and older men in society to appreciate and value women.

“We need to protect our sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers and even friends from any violent and inhumane act that we hear about every day in the media,” he said.

“And if it happens to one of our loved ones, we will not like it. So to ensure that women are free from violence, we will now be male advocates to spread the message.”

The group, he said, was also set up to support men in making a difference.

“It is also a support group for men who come from different backgrounds, need support, healing, and who may be in personal crisis but don’t know who to share it with.”

Another executive Mario Wilson said it was typical for men to talk about rugby and other stuff when they met.
“We hardly hear men or boys talk about their personal challenges like breaking up with a girlfriend or a family crisis compared to women when they meet,” he said.

“They can easily share their problems so we are also working with men and young boys to help them talk about their experiences and also tell them that there’s always a better way to deal with issues,” said Wilson.

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