Technology assistance to Lautoka Andra School

Lautoka Andra Primary and Secondary were the recipient of $5,000 worth of technology rollout under mEducation which included tablets wifi devices and internet connection for a year.

The Principal Mrs Singh thanked the team not only for the handover but also for sharing information on mFarm, mSafe and mLife. 

There are lots of bullies happening on the social media,  Facebook and others. Where young people go and chat with people they may or may not know. We as teachers parents and concerned citizens have to inform our our children that its not ok to be bullied either in person or on social media said, mSafe volunteer cordinator Mr Robert Ram. 

Lots of attempted suicide, voilence, assault and murder have some degree of association with social media bullying or somewhat that goes viral said the Life Line Executive Officer and Smarter Fiji volunteer, Mr Jeremaia Merekula.

We must talk to someone about this said Mr Ram.

Tell them it’s not their fault, ensuring them they can talk to you about anything, good or bad.

Always be on the lookout for student who may be using social media negatively or are getting affected due to online bullying said Ram.
As for the parents, love your children’s and never discard them due to a mistake or a behaviour that may be uncalled for momentarily which we may regret later said Ram. 

Parents need to standby there children he said. Since suicide, assault, violence and abuse are on rise, we need to be closer to our loved ones said Mr Ashwin Singh head of department Ba Methodist high school during consultations during the handover.

Some other sharing included information on steering youths away from problems. 

Igniting passion for change program where Ex students reverting to school to give back in whichever way they can. The team is now inviting ex students to look back at the schools from which they acquired knowledge to where they are now said the volunteer officer Mr Robert Ram.

Donating knowledge passion and skills is one way of giving back to schools whilst identifying needs and helping access support is another said Executive Officer of Western Charity Alliance Mr Jitendra Naidu. 

We are now going around to schools to help them with Grant’s he said that will not only benefit in income generation but will also build capacities around things that matters most “Innovative Learning in the Digital days” has the power ti change lives said the Principal Mrs Aruna Singh of Lautoka Andra Secondary school.

President Krishna Murti Naidu and Manager Sachin P Mani said that if ex-students become passionate about the schools they have attended and are able to come back and share their experiences and tell stories. The current students will be able to reflect better. 

The head teacher said that our IT teachers continue to improvise and use innovative methods to ensure that effective learning takes place.
 “There are many issues surrounding our students in this day and age, however if we continue to work holistically and steers children from problems and direct them towards knowing the sustainable benefits of proper education and how this can help them take their own family away from poverty pain and suffering.

 We will be able to achieve more. Its important that we empathize with our students and help them help themselves. 

With an aim to steer students away from problems. Team continues to moot programs that not only targets problems but address issues and nip it at the bud by raising awareness and embedding understanding of consequences of our actions said the volunteers. 

Team is working closely with schools, parents and also targeting community police that is aspiring to steer students away from problems.

So far the Western Charity Alliance has reached over 40 schools in western division in partnership with Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation said Mr Naidu.

“Our aim is to work with all sector and multi stakeholders to ensure that we are able to fast track development which has the power to upscale projects and uplift lives of people,” he said. 

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