This 10-minute daily exercise can do wonders!

 We often have the excuse of ‘not enough time’ when its comes to regular exercise. However, we don’t need hours of gyming to keep ourselves fit.

 Fiji’s weather is a bonus if you seriously want to get into fitness. You just need 10 minutes daily.

Fitness master Jekesoni Yanyanudrua suggests the following 10-minute regimes that are easy:

High-Intensity Interval Training

Do 40 seconds of a strenuous exercise, such as jumping jacks. Rest for 20 seconds. Repeat this four more times. Choose another exercise, such as sit-ups and perform the same scenario. That’s ten minutes of High Intensity Interval Training! Choose exercises that you can perform but that still challenge you for best results.


For one minute, walk at a fairly easy pace. The next minute, walk (or jog) as fast and hard as you can. Recover at an easy-paced minute. Repeat this pattern for a total of ten minutes; it’s a more effective way to train (and burn calories) than exercising at one intensity level.


Regular crunches, bicycles, elbow planks, low-arm planks, leg lowers, pushups, crunch pulses, oblique or side-to-side crunches. Time goes by belly-ripping fast. Use the internet to find core exercises right for you.

If you try you can fit a workout into your schedule no matter where you are or how busy your day becomes. Start now!

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