Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation and USPSA Laucala Campus Partnership for The second Multi Disciplinary Conference


Today Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation Mobile 4 Good officer Mr. Josevata Rotidara met with Mr. Shalvin Chand the USPSA Welfare  and Development Officer to discuss further in regards to the upcoming MDC  ( Multi Disciplinary Conference ).

2019 Multi-Disciplinary Conference aspires to steer “YESTERDAY FUTURE and TOMORROWS FIJI”. Following closely the main theme of creating a culture of “Break the barrier expose the truth”, thinking big and outside the box.
This conference aims to challenge and promote the role of multidisciplinary relevant stakeholders in working towards addressing issues holistically and delivering a safer, secure, smarter, and sustainable future for all concerned.
The MDC aspires to challenge the participants and panelists to share realistic issues and also offer solutions as opposed to talking about the problem only. “Break the barrier expose the truth”, the theme is focused on creating smarter and connected Pacific.

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation is inviting Local stakeholders to attend this important meeting.


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