Why is it important to report if you are a victim of domestic violence?

It is very important to report domestic violence. Reporting domestic violence is an act of bravery for a victim. There are so many things stopping her that she often finds herself feeling paralyzed and trapped in a vicious circle. Generally, her concerns are based on a fear of future threats, physical violence, and other forms of cruelty.

The fear of poverty or not finding a shelter, and concerns over her children’s well-being can also represent major obstacles. In addition, irreconcilable feelings, like her sense of powerlessness, feelings of guilt over the situation’s deterioration and over problems in the relationship, combined with feelings of hope that her partner might change, and the love that she still feels for him, all contribute to her concerns. But if not reported than the trend of abusing the victim by the abuser will continuing if not reporting. Whatever the form of violence, you need to speak out against it. Fear, shame or a feeling of powerlessness can drive women victims of domestic violence into isolation. It is important to speak out, confide in someone, and find help.

This way you cannot only protect yourself but help to prevent the same abuser abusing someone else in your family or community. Whatever the case may be, the simple act of notifying the police about domestic violence will clearly help to protect the victim, which is the most important thing. As a witness, you generally do not have to fear any retaliation against you or the victim. Social and legal assistance services are in place to protect you both.

Source //domesticviolence.gouv.qc.ca //domesticviolence.gouv.qc.ca

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